Products - Eco Yarns

Fleece-Lined Facemask - 43L7MASK - Product Details

Fleece-lined facemask made of Eco-ragg Wool.  The inner liner is 100% fleece polyester. Colors are:

Oatmeal Ragg

Charcoal Ragg

Cuff Hat with Acrylic Liner - 43RAG - Product Details

Cuff hat made from Eco-ragg Wool.  The inside liner is made from 100% acrylic.

Eco-ragg can come in the following colors:

Oatmeal Ragg

Charcoal Ragg

Black Ragg


2-Ply Classic Beanie - 44176-9 - Product Details

Classic beanie in our recycled cotton blend. It can also be purchased in specific colors with a minimum order of 300 per color. Click HERE for color choices.

Eco Cotton Lumberjack Beanie - 44LBJ-11 - Product Details

Eco Cotton Lumberjack Beanie made of our recycled cotton blend. It can also be purchased in specific colors with a minimum of 300. Click HERE for color options.

Bamboo Beanie - 4BAMB-9 - Product Details

Bamboo beanie made from 100% rayon, derived from bamboo. Available in the following colors:

Black, Blue, Natural, Grey


Cable Beanie - 84CBL-8.5 - Product Details

Cable beanie in recycled cotton blend.  This hat is available as assorted.  Available in custom colors with a minimum order of 300.  Click HERE to see color options.

Eco-Ragg Wool Cable Knit Cuff hat - J83L7XCBL - Product Details

Available in Oatmeal Ragg, Charcoal Ragg & Black Ragg